SteamNotes is a convenient place to keep notes, links, and reminders for all of your favorite games on Steam.

Create and edit notes from any web browser, on any device -- All your changes are automatically backed-up.

Mockup of SteamNotes on a mobile device Mockup of SteamNotes on a desktop monitor

Getting Started

Screenshot of Steam Settings dialogue, on the Overlay Browser Home Screen tab


For the fastest and easiest access, click below to set SteamNotes as the Home Page in your Steam Overlay's Browser.

Open STEAM Settings
Screenshot showing the Sign In With Steam page

Sign In

Sign into SteamNotes using your existing Steam account.

Your profile will need to be set to Public. See: How to make your Steam Profile Public.

Sign in through STEAM
Screenshot of SteamNotes in the Steam Overlay Browser, while playing Fallout 4

Have fun!

Next time you're playing a game on Steam and need to jot something down, head to SteamNotes. All of your notes will be automatically saved for next time!